Month: November 2009

Word Walls

There’s a lot of information related to the use of word walls – it’s one of those topics where you can never have enough ideas.   I’ve included some of my own in an eight page downloadable handout.  Check it out to see if there’s a new idea or two for you to use.  In this …

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Unpack the Content

Here is an example of a standard that needs to be unpacked.  W.PS.01.01 Michigan Develop personal style in oral, written, and visual messages in both narrative (e.g., natural language, specific action, emotion) and informational writing (e.g., sequence, specific vocabulary, visual representations). Remember that part of unpacking a standard is determining what it is you want …

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Words Matter

A part of developing curriculum is that of determining core vocabulary a student needs in order to learn the concepts we want them to learn.  How important are words? Take a look at this list of words I once shared with a group of Earth Science teachers.  I asked teachers to take the list and circle …

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Content Card – Scatterplots

One part of unpacking standards  is clarifying what it is we want students to learn.  It is not enough to simply look at nouns and verbs in curricular statements; we’ve got to go beyond that and figure out the specific content that students must learn. One way to do this is to make a content card …

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Fix That Graph: Proficiency Scores on a State Test

Each year, at the end of “testing season”, folks all over the country scramble to prepare charts and graphs for school board presentations.  Today’s post is an example of a graph that is used to share results from a state test. Download the pdf file to read how I suggest the graph be improved.

Fix That Graph: Tax Revenues by Source

The scenario is a City Council or a School Board presentation.  You get to talk about the budget – and one thing you’ve decided to include is an overview of tax revenues by source.   The data has been designed – but does it meet the mark? Download the pdf of Deb’s analysis in this newest …

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Eleanor Roosevelt

In Virginia, first graders have the opportunity to learn about Eleanor Roosevelt – along with a number of other historical figures.  This is a small set of posters that I put together as a quick tool to help students learn a bit about Mrs. Roosevelt.  The set has ten posters and a few ideas about …

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Math Operations Chart

This is a  Math Operations Chart you may want to use to help students learn key vocabulary related to basic math operations. I also designed a brief teacher’s sheet with notes to go along with this.  The teacher’s sheet has questions you can use with students to help them learn to read and use the chart. …

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I Hope You Dance

 If you’re like me, you think that a big part of school world is helping students see inside themselves – all they are and all they can become.  When my stepdaughter graduated from high school many years ago, I shared the song and the lyrics to I Hope You Dance with her.  I wish I …

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