How to Disaggregate Data: A NEW Microcredential for School and District Leaders

If you are an aspiring administrator, a rookie, or an administrator with plenty of experience, you’ll find important insights, content, and core skills related to disaggregating achievement data.

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Dr. Deborah Wahlstrom

Disaggregation is one of the most important skills needed in using data to improve student achievement. This microcredential, AVAILABLE NOW, has been designed for your learning. Whether you are a rookie administrator or one who’s been educating for some time – there is likely powerful learning for you.

  • PRINCIPALS who want to support staff in modeling and discussing disaggregation of data.
  • SCHOOL LEADERS who want to better understand the process so core content and skills of disaggregation can be taught and reinforced during instructional leadership meetings.
  • DISTRICT STAFF who desire to support those in schools who work with data.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT STAFF who trains others in the use of data.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROVIDERS who want to stay updated with techniques, processes, and analysis for disaggregated data.
  • TEACHERS who desire to build important leadership skills.
  • GRADUATE STUDENTS in educational leadership programs who desire a strong foundation in the disaggregation of data.
  • TECHNOLOGY STAFF in schools who support others in working with data.
  • INSTRUCTIONAL COACHES who desire a strong foundation in disaggregating data.
  • DATA COACHES who want the content, knowledge, and skills for supporting others.
  • DISTRICT ASSESSMENT STAFF who want to better see how disaggregated data is tied to school improvement.
  • TITLE I STAFF who need to guide others in the disaggregation of data required for comprehensive needs assessments and school improvement plans.
  • PROFESSORS AND INSTRUCTORS of educational leadership programs who desire to supplement their knowledge and skill.
  • PROGRAMMERS who desire to know how to correctly work with disaggregated data and how it ties to school improvement.
  • REPORTERS AND WRITERS who desire to better understand the purposes of disaggregation.

Here’s how it works. You take the microcredential which has everything you need to learn to disaggregate successfully. You’ll find source pages filled with valuable content and plenty of practice exercises. You choose what you need to become more expert at disaggregating achievement data.

When you are ready to earn your badge, you’ll disaggregate and analyze the data for three sets of achievement data – all your choice to ensure you work on a product that is useful to you in your school, district, or other settings.

You’ll have a clear performance task and corresponding rubric – and you’ll use both as you work with your three data sets. Once you have successfully performed your tasks, you’ll earn the digital badge for How to Disaggregate Data. More importantly, you’ll have confidence in your knowledge and skills of disaggregating achievement data because you’ve given yourself the opportunity to:

  • Organize achievement data onto a template.
  • Calculate (accurately) disaggregated achievement data.
  • Write analysis statements for the disaggregated data.
  • Determine if the results of the disaggregated data reflect quality.
  • Determine if the results of the disaggregated data reflect equity.
  • Summarize disaggregated data.

There is investment/cost for this microcredential, but it is priced reasonably. For just $99, you receive everything you need to complete your microcredential including Deb Wahlstrom’s Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolbook (a $45.00 value). The cost also includes scoring and verification of your work and support while you work on your microcredential.

Here are examples of ways you’ll be able to use your data disaggregation skills:

  • Disaggregate all students and subgroup data for your own benchmark assessments.
  • Disaggregate all students and subgroup data for grade-level/content area common assessments.
  • Present disaggregated data in a way that helps others understand the purpose of disaggregation.
  • Include accurate and well-written disaggregated data in Title I evaluations.
  • Include accurate and well-written disaggregated data in comprehensive needs assessments and school improvement plans.
  • Support others as they learn the basics of working with data.
  • Determine whether there is learning for all when reviewing data from charts/tables and graphs.
  • Use data in the correct places of your school improvement plan.

All of this. Just $99.00. Enroll today to get started on your disaggregation journey!

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