Glance inside the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolbook

It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s really quite good. If you are working on a Comprehensive Needs Assessment, this can be your number one go-to tool. It’s loaded with information for building data skills, while you work on your CNA. Check out this link to see what’s included in the book. Order the book here, – andContinue reading “Glance inside the Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolbook”

Ten Reminders for a Stronger CNA

The Quality of the CNA Matters What we do as part of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment matters. It begins with the on-going analysis and review of data and should result with a plan that makes a difference in lives of students and those who support them (you). We have a long way to go toContinue reading “Ten Reminders for a Stronger CNA”

New Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolbook

This toolbook is finally done. And I am sure proud of it. For a lot of reasons. First of all, it has just about everything a school team member needs to be successful working with the Comprehensive Needs Assessment process. Second, I developed the entire project in OneNote so you’ll be so organized you won’tContinue reading “New Comprehensive Needs Assessment Toolbook”

Key Performance Indicators for a Content Area

As school teams work through their Comprehensive Needs Assessment process, an important task is that of determining the data points to consider for determining whether the objectives have been met. The challenge for school teams, is there is usually more than one data piece that can be tied in because we (1) want to triangulateContinue reading “Key Performance Indicators for a Content Area”

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