Clarifying the Difference Between Proficiency Scales and Rubrics

Right here. Right now. A quick overview of the differences between proficiency scales and rubrics – and my proficiency scale rubric.   In districts and schools throughout the country, staff members have worked to develop proficiency scales to help make learning expectations clearer for students. And that’s a good thing. As a part of thisContinue reading “Clarifying the Difference Between Proficiency Scales and Rubrics”

Michigan’s New Reading Law

Get to Know Michigan’s New Reading Law – in this beginning-of-year activity, staff will learn key information related to the new reading law through a custom graphic organizer and a corresponding question set. (This is specific for the 2017-2018 school year.)  I actually had a lot of fun designing the graphic and I hope you’ll enjoyContinue reading “Michigan’s New Reading Law”

Redesigned SAT – Essential Language Progressive Skills Alert

A number of weeks ago, I wanted to answer a question related to the SAT Practice Tests – those tests the College Board made available for us to help teachers and students become familiar with the redesigned SAT. I personally wanted to check the alignment between the SAT questions on the Practice Test and the CommonContinue reading “Redesigned SAT – Essential Language Progressive Skills Alert”

Content Card, Parallel (Elementary Level)

Our younger students learn about parallel lines in different grade levels in different states.  But there is some key content that students need to know related to parallel lines.  This content card provides key content.  (If you see other things that need to be added, please leave a comment and I’ll update this.  All ofContinue reading “Content Card, Parallel (Elementary Level)”

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