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Welcome, everybody!

Before beginning, take a minute to think about a test or assignment where you’ve been asked to analyze something. Perhaps you asked your teacher or professor to explain what he or she meant by an analysis and got explanations such as this: “You just break everything down; break everything apart.” “You study something from different angles.” “You know, you analyze it.” You might have become owly.

For a great many of us, being asked to analyze something sent our hearts spinning because we weren’t exactly sure what we were supposed to do with that word.

You may have given your own students assignment to write a text-dependent analysis essay – and now you’re getting the looks.

The purpose of this microcredential is to provide you with a structure for helping your students work with text-dependent analysis (TDA) essays. In this course, you’ll get comfortable working with TDA essays so you’ll be comfortable helping your students. I am so glad you have decided to take this short course and hope you’ll find it engaging and enjoyable as you learn!

My name is Deborah Wahlstrom, and I’ve put this lesson set together for you. As you take this microcredential, I want you to know that I, or a member of my team, stand ready to support you in your learning.

Again, please contact me if you have any questions or need any help as you work through these lessons; I am always happy to help!

Video: I have produced a number of explainer videos sharing key concepts that are important to learn. In this course, I use the videos to show you how I work through TDA Essay prompts. I also use video as a way for you to check your work as you are learning.

Handouts: I have links and/or downloads to practice exercises. It is important that you download these so you’ll be ready to use them during the video.

Purposeful Practice: Quite a bit of purposeful practice is built into the lessons. I hope you will use your handouts and go through the exercises with me.  Doing so will help you learn to correctly unpack a text-dependent analysis essay prompt.

Practice Sets: When you review the data I show, you’ll see why I’ve included practice sets for you. I’ve also included Self-Checks so you can keep track of your learning!

Remember, this is one way, not the only way. If you don’t already have a way for students to figure this out, now you do!

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